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Atomic Digital

Digital marketing strategies and tactics to help your business explode.





What We Do?

Do you need full scale marketing your service? You can have us

Put our in-house expert marketing team to work on creating a marketing strategy that focuses on the areas that your business needs help with.

Perform analytics to determine where you are losing customers, and then provide suggestions for how to improve the customer experience.

Help you connect with your customers in a meaningful way, making sure they connect with your services the way you intended.

Analyze your marketing performance and provide you with actionable recommendations that are designed to increase your conversions, customer satisfaction, and sales.

Test different media strategies for social media and we, help with copy for your newsletters, and even offer contests or prizes as incentives to get more customers through your doors.

Develop strategies for having long term success via our CRM analysis.

Help you with the new AI technologies to save your company a whole lot of money while giving customer service.

How is your Online Strategy?

1.95 billion clicks are from organic search on Google per day.
.63% of people click to Google’s second page

Digital Business Education for 2023

Are you looking a blueprint of success in starting a business?

Atomic Digital gives you much of the information you would have to glean from books and websites by providing you with information to get your business upgraded in an easy to follow way.

Founder of Atomic Digital and other companies, entrepreneur Sam Vandervalk want to get your hands on information to make your business grow by giving you free resources so you can build a successful blue print for your start up.

A new trend involves spending thousands of dollars on mentors and reading many books. That is great, however most people should read through this website before spending the money on a mentor and pouring through all the latest books.

When you do decide to get a mentor (highly recommended), you will be better prepared with the right questions to ask.

Atomic Digital E-Book

Are you Mobile Optimized?

63% Search traffic from Mobile phone
Do you have a brilliant automated sales funnel?

Get The Mindset Blueprint of SUCCESS
That helped me run 3 businesses and have freedom to travel, spend time with friends and family

  1. How To Set the right goals!
  2. Exact step – by – step process of how to build good habits daily
  3. Action steps to take to ensure you are staying on track!